Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Officers, Aug 2014 - Dec 2015
President: Massimo D. Bezoari, Richard Lounsbery Professor of Chemistry; LA Scholars' College
Vice President: Marcia Hardy, Assistant Professor; School of Business
Secretary: Joel Hicks, Assistant Professor of Allied Health; Nursing and Allied Health
Parliamentarian: Janet Darfus, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Nursing and Allied Health

All agenda, including those for upcoming meetings, are posted in the window at right.

News Items
1. New Executive Council Elected!
The new Executive Council was elected at the Dec 1 meeting. (This was the rescheduled date for the Nov 17 meeting, which was postponed due to weather conditions.) Serving from January 2016 to May 2017 will be: Marcia Hardy (President), Joel Hicks (Vice Presdent), Thomas Reynolds (Secretary), and Paula Christensen (Parliamentarian).
2. Five Faculty Representatives Approved for the NSU Provost Search Committee
NSU's President Jim Henderson requested five faculty reps (non-administrative) to serve on NSU's Provost Search Committee. The representatives approved by the Senate at the Dec 1 meeting were: Massimo D. Bezoari, William Dickens, Marcia Hardy, Adam Jannik, and Curt Phifer.
3. Two-Year Terms Under Review for Faculty Representatives on NSU/Senate Committees

Due to recent restructuring, new faculty representatives are being sought to serve from 2015-2017.
4. Elections and Senate Business Guidelines Adopted by Senate
The guidelines for departments for elections of senators and faculty committee representatives adopted by the Senate are posted in the window at right.



2015 Meeting Dates
• January 20                                              • August 18
• February 24 - cancelled                       • September 15
• March 17                                                 • October 20
• April 21                                                     • November 17

Meetings are held at 3:30 PM in the Cane River Room of the Student Union unless otherwise announced.