Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Officers, August 2017 - May 2018
President: Thomas Reynolds, Associate Professor of English; College of Arts and Sciences
Vice President: John T. Dunn, Associate Professor of Fine Arts; College of Arts and Sciences
Secretary: Terrie Poehl, Assistant Professor of Education; College of Education and Human Development
Parliamentarian: Paula Christensen, Associate Professor of Education; College of Education and Human Development


Scheduled Meeting Dates and Times Academic Year 2017-2018

8/22/2017 Tuesday      3:30 PM      5:00 PM

9/26/2017 Tuesday:     3:30 PM      5:00 PM

10/24/2017 Tuesday:   3:30 PM      5:00 PM

11/28/2017 Tuesday:   3:30 PM      5:00 PM

1/23/2018 Tuesday:     3:30 PM      5:00 PM

2/27/2018 Tuesday:     3:30 PM      5:00 PM

3/27/2018 Tuesday:     3:30 PM      5:00 PM

4/24/2018 Tuesday:     3:30 PM      5:00 PM

Meetings are held at 3:30 PM at the Northwestern State University, Natchitoches Campus in the Cane River Room of the Student Union on the 4th Tuesday of the month unless announced otherwise.

Agenda and Minutes
All agenda, including those for upcoming meetings, are posted in the window at right.

News Items
1. New Executive Council Term Begins
The new Executive Council conducted its first Faculty Senate Meeting in January, 2016.

2. Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony

At the Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony, the Faculty Senate presented NSU President, Dr. James Henderson, with a commendation extending their utmost appreciation to Dr. Henderson for his continuing leadership and outstanding service to faculty, students, and staff of the university.

3.  Faculty Senators participating in Leaders Against Litter Campaign March 2017

Faculty Senators join in the state wide Leaders Against Litter Campaign lending a hand to beautify Natchitoches.